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Want to learn more about ranch culture and the people, places, and events of 19th century Texas?

We have compiled web sites and books on subjects including the history of ranching, chuck wagon cooking, the Comanche and cowboy talk, among others.

Web Sites

Timeline of Texas and the Western Frontier
This timeline by the University of Texas at Austin contains dates, descriptions, and images of significant people and events in Texas from 1836 to 1882.

Texas Almanac
Explore images and articles about Texas history, industry, environment, and culture dating back to 1857.

The Library of Congress: Life Histories from Texas
Read first-person accounts of life in Texas compiled by the Works Progress Administration from 1936 to 1940. Subjects include cowboys and ranching, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and women.

The Digital Handbook of Texas Online
Get the facts on Texas history, geography, and culture from this online encyclopedia.

Texas Cowboy Gazette
Dedicated to the culture and history of the Texas cowboy, this Web site features articles, western cartoons, poetry, and videos about Texas cowboys.

American West
Discover the history and development of the American West through articles, links, and artifacts.

EyeWitness to History: EyeWitness to The Old West
Read about life in the Old West through the eyes of those who lived it.

WWW Virtual Libraries: The American West
Visit this virtual library containing links to all topics related to the American West, including research and reference tools, lesson plans, and quizzes.

Making It Their Own: Women of the West
A topically organized web site about the study of the American West featuring diaries, critical essays, biographies, and images of women in the American West.

African American History in the West
This comprehensive Web site by Professor Quintard Taylor includes a timeline, biographies, and vignettes of significant places in the West relating to African Americans.

African Americans and the Old West
Text and images of African-American pioneers and cowboys in the American West.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum
Learn more about the history and achievements of Buffalo Soldiers through primary documents, videos, prints, photographs, and other historical artifacts.


PBS: New Perspectives on THE WEST
Explore the companion site to Ken Burns' program about the American West featuring an interactive timeline, maps, and primary source materials.

American Experience: JESSE JAMES
Discover what made Jesse James live a violent life, explore Jesse James legends and realities, and read newspaper accounts the outlaw.

American Experience: ANNIE OAKLEY
Trace the life of Annie Oakley, explore Oakley's values in the era of suffragettes, and see some posters from Billy Cody's Wild West show.