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Texas Ranch House -- Do You Speak Cowboy?
Guess the meanings of the following sentences:
"Old Jake is our coffee boiler. He does everything he can muster to beat the devil around the stump."
a) "Old Jake is our cook. He works hard to make good food."
b) "Old Jake is a worrywart. Heís always fretting over nothing."
c) "Old Jake is lazy. Heíll do whatever he can to get out of doing work."
d) "Old Jake is our dog. He tries to wake us up every morning."
"That mail-order cowboy sat on his pimple in the rain, got himself catarrh, and went up the flume."

a) "That hired hand sat on his rear end in the rain, caught a fish, and then fell in the river."
b) "That young boy from the East had a sore on his backside, tried to ride bareback in the rain, and was thrown from the horse."
c) "That old man sat on the wagon seat in the rain, bought some whiskey, and got drunk."
d) "That guy in the fancy clothes sat on his too-small saddle in the rain, caught a cold, and died."
"Hank slapped on his best bib and tucker and went off to the doxology works."

a) "Hank got dressed in his best clothes and went to church."
b) "Hank put on his new hat and went to the saloon."
c) "Hank washed with soap and went to the dance."
d) "Hank cleaned his teeth and went to the dentist."
"Nell's as fine as cream gravy, and Lurvy's trying to make a mash on her."

a) "Nell is kind of stupid, and Lurvy is making fun of her."
b) "Nell is rather snobby, and Lurvy is trying to get a date with her."
c) "Nell is a top-notch woman, and Lurvy is trying to impress her."
d) "Nell is beautiful, and Lurvy's bothering her."
"Billy was up on the hurricane deck, and his crowbait ran into some silk."

a) "Billy was riding on a steamship, and he tipped his hat to a fine lady."
b) "Billy was at the front of the cattle drive, and his horse got bitten by a tarantula."
c) "Billy was riding a bucking horse, and it ran into a barbed-wire fence."
d) "Billy was lost in a storm, and he stopped at a fine lady's house."
"Get a wiggle on, Jonas!"

a) "Put on your fancy boots, Jonas!"
b) "Hurry up, Jonas!"
c) "Play your fiddle, Jonas!"
d) "Get up on your horse, Jonas!"
"Ropin' a dogie is like licking butter off a knife."

a) Lassoing a calf is easy.
b) Lassoing a calf is difficult.
c) Lassoing a calf is painful.
d) Lassoing a calf is fun.
"Tuck yer shirt tail in! Your spurs are all tangled up!"

a) "Don't get angry! You've got a bad temper!"
b) "Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about!"
c) "Clean yourself up! Don't look so stupid!"
d) "Tuck in your shirt! You look like a mess!"
"I'm going off to see the elephant."

a) "I'm going off to use the outhouse."
b) "I'm going off to talk to the boss."
c) "I'm going off to milk the cows."
d) "I'm going off on a visit to town."
"Davey woke up the wrong passenger, and now he's in the bone orchard."

a) "Davey picked a fight with a bad guy, and now he's dead."
b) "Davey caused a stampede, and now he's been fired."
c) "Davey played a bad joke, and now he's in big trouble."
d) "Davey argued with the cook, and now he's doing dishes."