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The latest and most ambitious experiment in living history from the makers of COLONIAL HOUSE, this new series sends a group of modern-day people back to the year 1867. It is the era of western expansion, a time of rounding up and branding free-roaming cattle and taming wild horses. Find out how the drama unfolds in Episode Descriptions. Meet the experts, the web team, and the documentary crew that worked on the project.

The eight-part series is available online through ShopPBS. Get the DVD.

Episode Descriptions
Transplanted into the actual living and working conditions of the era, outfitted with period tools, technology and clothing, a brave family and a diverse group of cowboys-at-heart discover how the myth of the American West meshes with reality -- and what the saddle-sore, rope-burned, and sun-blistered ranch life was really like. Go!
The Experts
Learn more about the historians, academics, cowboys and others who worked on recreating an 1867 ranch house. Go!
The Experts
Meet the web team, the TV team, and others who worked on the project. Go!