Texas Ranch House -- 1867: Places, People & Events
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1867: Places, People & Events
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The Open Range
The beginning of the Texas ranch and the emergence of the cowboy lifestyle, roundups, and trail drives. Go

Read trail rider E.C. "Teddy Blue" Abbott's memoirs.
Life for the Rancher's Wife
Frontier wives were tough as nails and fought drought, disease, and loneliness to make the ranch a home. Go

Read diary excerpts of frontier wife Susan Newcomb.
The Vaquero Origins of the Texas Cowboy
Spanish influences in Texas arrived with the soldiers, missionaries, "vaqueros," and settlers who fanned out across the vast frontier. Go

Talk like a "vaquero." Listen to cowboy talk in English and Spanish.
Lords of the Plains
The American colonization of Texas inevitably created war with the Comanche, the Lords of the Texas Plains. Go

Watch video of Comanche Calvert Nevaquaya playing traditional Comanche flute music.
African American Cowboys
Many ex-slaves as well as black men born after emancipation worked for Texas cattle companies, riding north to the so-called cattle towns or railheads. Go

Read about the lives of four famous black cowboys.
Buffalo Soldiers on the Frontier
The Buffalo Soldiers were some of the first to defend the frontier and settlers from Indians' raids. Go

View historical photos of Buffalo Soldiers.