Resources in Your State

Resources in Your State

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These online and offline resources can help you -- kids, parents, and teachers -- find out more about your local history. For each state, we have selected a few key historical resources and at least one volunteer resource, which can put potential volunteers in touch with programs that are looking for people to help them. There are, of course, many other worthwhile organizations looking for volunteers; these listings are just one place to start.

Keep in mind that local historical and genealogical societies can provide a wealth of information, and there are too many to list each one here. Check your phone book for your town or county's historical society. Your state's historical society is another excellent resource; many are listed in these state-by-state listings.

Teachers, we recommend that you contact any of these organizations in advance of beginning an activity with your students, to find out how each organization can work with you and your students for a fruitful project. (For example, some organizations may not be able to accommodate a visit from a group of students without advance notice. Some may welcome phone inquiries, while others may not be able to respond to specific research questions by phone.)

NOTE: Please be aware that the producers of LEARNING ADVENTURES IN CITIZENSHIP have selected these sites for their educational value; we are not responsible, however, for any content, which is beyond our control. The links are valid as of March 2002.

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