Learning Adventures in Citizenship
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Find the Tallest

Find the Tallest
The 1,250-foot Empire State Building, built in 1931, has become New York City's most famous icon (symbol). For almost 40 years, it was the tallest building in Manhattan's skyline. It appears on countless t-shirts and N.Y.C. souvenirs, and is featured in many movies set in the "Big Apple." (Don't believe us? Just ask King Kong!)

Find The Tallest

At the public library, city or town hall, or local historical society, research a photo or illustration of the tallest structure in your town during four different time periods -- such as 1900, 1930, 1960, and 1990. (There's a chance that the same building might be the tallest during more than one time period.)
What Do The Buildings Say?


Compare the four pictures. What do these four images tell you about your town's history? What information can you infer about your town's values, major industries, etc.?
Take A Picture


Take a photo or make a drawing of your town or city's "downtown" section today -- the part of your hometown that you think typifies your area. When you're done, share your drawing or picture with your parents and your friends at school.