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From the American Revolution to the Civil Rights movement to the recent establishment of democracy in South Africa and Eastern Europe, citizens across the globe have long struggled for the right to vote. Upon earning such rights, voters have turned out en masse. Whether new or old, most modern democracies enjoy voting rates of 90 percent and higher.

Yet in the United States today, citizens of all racial, political, economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds vote at rates lower than those of other modern democracies.

In the U.S., only about 50 percent of eligible voters are registered; of that 50 percent, only about half vote in presidential elections. With only about a quarter of eligible voters casting ballots, few victorious candidates walk away with much more than an eighth of the potential vote.

Recent elections on the local, state, and national level have proved that election results can be breathtakingly close -- and the polls are not always accurate.

Do you want to take action? Here's how you can make a difference.

The following list, though far from comprehensive, provides links to sites with useful information for voters.

Kids Voting USA
ids Voting USA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to securing democracy for the future by involving youth in the election process today.

League of Women Voters: Voter Information
A fair election has to be based on good information and an informed electorate. Every voter needs access to the truth to make a wise decision.

Project Vote Smart
This Web site features a wealth of voter information, including a link to the voting records of local and national elected officials.

NAACP Voter Empowerment Program

The NAACP Voter Empowerment Program is dedicated to empowering the African-American community by aiding their full inclusion in America's political and social system.

Federal Election Commission
The FEC's Web site offers detailed information on elections and voting, campaign finance laws, and more.

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