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The key moments of the Jim Crow era impacted all of the United States. Certain events, such as anti-black riots, affected African Americans more drastically than other people; other developments, such as wars involving the American military, were universal. But universal events did not result in universal experiences. The following articles assess many of the most important events of Jim Crow America.

List of Events

1863 The Emancipation Proclamation
1865-72 Freedmen's Bureau
1866-71 Ku Klux Klan
1865-77 Reconstruction
1868 Fourteenth Amendment
1870-71 Enforcement Acts
1875 Civil Rights Act Passed
1876 Election of 1876
1881 Founding of Tuskegee
1883 Civil Rights Act Overturned
1892 Ida B. Wells Flees Memphis
1895 Atlanta Compromise Speech
1896 Plessy v. Ferguson
1898 Spanish American War
1898 Williams v. Mississippi
1898 Wilmington Riot
1900-10 The Birth of the Blues
1900-70 The Great Migration
1903 The Souls of Black Folk
1905 Niagara Movement
1906 Atlanta Riot
1906 Brownsville Affair
1909 NAACP
1910 The Crisis
1913 Government Segregation
1915 The Birth of a Nation
1917 World War I
1919 The Red Summer
1917-35 The Harlem Renaissance
1921 Tulsa Riot
1922 Moore v. Dempsey
1925-27 Fisk Protest
1929-39 The Great Depression
1931 Scottsboro Case
1938 Gaines v. Canada
1941 March on Washington
1941-45 World War II
1944 Smith v. Allright
1946 Morgan v. Virginia
1947 Jackie Robinson
1947-1948 Truman Supports Civil Rights
1954 Brown v. Board of Education

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External constraints must not be allowed to segregate mind or soul - Charlotte Hawkins Brown

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