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The African American Experience Fund
Learn more about African-American history through the National Parks. Visit historic sites from the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site in Alabama to the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House in Washington, D.C.

African-American Museums and Historic Sites
A map links to African-American museums and historical sites throughout the U.S.

Federation of State Humanities Councils
This map links to the State Humanities Councils of all 50 states, some of which have created local sites dealing with Jim Crow and other forms of inequality.

Parallel and Crossover Lives
This Web site makes use of oral history projects on segregation and desegregation in Texas.

Race and Place: An African American Community in the Jim Crow South
Read about the effects of Jim Crow laws in a small African-American community in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Remembering Jim Crow: Jim Crow Laws

A sampling of Jim Crow laws from Alabama to Wyoming.

Florida Humanities Council: Parallel Lives
Two writers remember growing up in Florida during the last days of Jim Crow.


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