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1965 Alabama Literacy Test

Text courtesy Kids Voting USA.

1. Which of the following is a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?
_____Public Education
_____Trial by Jury

2. The federal census of population is taken every five years.
_____True _____False

3. If a person is indicted for a crime, name two rights which he has. ______________________ ________________________

4. A U.S. senator elected at the general election in November takes office the following year on what date? _________________________________________________

5. A President elected at the general election in November takes office the following year on what date? ______________________________________________________________________

6. Which definition applies to the word "amendment?"
_____Proposed change, as in a Constitution
_____Make of peace between nationals at war
_____A part of the government

7. A person appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court is appointed for a term of __________.

8. When the Constitution was approved by the original colonies, how many states had to ratify it in order for it to be in effect? _________________________________________

9. Does enumeration affect the income tax levied on citizens in various states? __________

10. A person opposed to swearing in an oath may say, instead: I (solemnly) ______________________________________________________________

11. To serve as President of the United States, a person must have attained:
_____25 years of age
_____35 years of age
_____40 years of age
_____45 years of age

12. What words are required by law to be on all coins and paper currency of the U.S.? ________________________________________________________________________

13. The Supreme Court is the chief lawmaking body of the state.
_____True _____False

14. If a law passed by a state is contrary to provisions of the U.S. Constitution, which law prevails? ________________________________________________________________________

15. If a vacancy occurs in the U.S. Senate, the state must hold an election, but meanwhile the place may be filled by a temporary appointment made by ________________________________________________________________________.

16. A U.S. senator is elected for a term of _____ years.

17. Appropriation of money for the armed services can be only for a period limited to _____ years.

18. The chief executive and the administrative offices make up the ___________________ branch of government.

19. Who passes laws dealing with piracy? ________________________________________________________________________

20. The number of representatives which a state is entitled to have in the House of Representatives is based on _________________________________________________

21. The Constitution protects an individual against punishments which are _______________ and _______________________.

22. When a jury has heard and rendered a verdict in a case, and the judgment on the verdict has become final, the defendant cannot again be brought to trial for the same cause.
_____True _____False

23. Name two levels of government which can levy taxes: ________________________________________________________________________

24. Communism is the type of government in: _____U.S.

25. Cases tried before a court of law are two types, civil and _________________________.

26. By a majority vote of the members of Congress, the Congress can change provisions of the Constitution of the U.S.
_____True _____False

27. For security, each state has a right to form a _________________________________.

28. The electoral vote for President is counted in the presence of two bodies. Name them: _____________________________________________________________________

29. If no candidate for President receives a majority of the electoral vote, who decides who will become President? ___________________________________________________

30. Of the original 13 states, the one with the largest representation in the first Congress was ______________________________________________________________________.

31. Of which branch of government is the Speaker of the House a part? _____Executive

32. Capital punishment is the giving of a death sentence.
_____True _____False

33. In case the President is unable to perform the duties of his office, who assumes them? ___________________________________________________________________

34. "Involuntary servitude" is permitted in the U.S. upon conviction of a crime.
_____True _____False

35. If a state is a party to a case, the Constitution provides that original jurisdiction shall be in ______________________________________________________________________.

36. Congress passes laws regulating cases which are included in those over which the U.S. Supreme Court has ____________________________________________ jurisdiction.

37. Which of the following is a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.
_____Public Housing
_____Trial by Jury

38. The Legislatures of the states decide how presidential electors may be chosen.
_____True _____False

39. If it were proposed to join Alabama and Mississippi to form one state, what groups would have to vote approval in order for this to be done? ________________________________________________________________________

40. The Vice President presides over ____________________________________________.

41. The Constitution limits the size of the District of Columbia to ______________________________________________________________________.

42. The only laws which can be passed to apply to an area in a federal arsenal are those passed by ___________________________________________ provided consent for the purchase of the land is given by the _________________________________________.

43. In which document or writing is the "Bill of Rights" found? ______________________.

44. Of which branch of government is a Supreme Court justice a part?

45. If no person receives a majority of the electoral votes, the Vice President is chosen by the
Senate. _____True _____False

46. Name two things which the states are forbidden to do by the U.S. Constitution. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

47. If election of the President becomes the duty of the U.S. House of Representatives and it fails to act, who becomes President and when? _______________________________________________________________________

48. How many votes must a person receive in order to become President if the election is decided by the U.S. House of Representatives? _______________________________

49. How many states were required to approve the original Constitution in order for it to be in effect? ______________________________________________________________

50. Check the offenses which, if you are convicted of them, disqualify you for voting:
_____Issuing worthless checks
_____Petty larceny
_____Manufacturing whiskey

51. The Congress decides in what manner states elect presidential electors.
_____True _____False

52. Name two of the purposes of the U.S. Constitution. _________________________________________________________________________

53. Congress is composed of __________________________________________________.

54. All legislative powers granted in the U.S. Constitution may legally be used only by ______________________________________________________________________.

55. The population census is required to be made very _____ years.

56. Impeachments of U.S. officials are tried by ___________________________________.

57. If an effort to impeach the President of the U.S. is made, who presides at the trial? _____________________________________________________________________

58. On the impeachment of the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S., who tries the case? ________________________________________________________________

59. Money is coined by order of:
_____U.S. Congress
_____The President's Cabinet
_____State Legislatures

60. Persons elected to cast a state's vote for U.S. President and Vice President are called presidential _________________________________________________________.

61. Name one power which is exclusively legislative and is mentioned in one of the parts of the U.S. Constitution above______________________________________________.

62. If a person flees from justice into another state, who has authority to ask for his return? _____________________________________________________________________

63. Whose duty is it to keep Congress informed of the state of the union? _____________________________________________________________________

64. If the two houses of Congress cannot agree on adjournment, who sets the time? _____________________________________________________________________

65. When presidential electors meet to cast ballots for President, must all electors in a state vote for the same person for President or can they vote for different persons if they so choose? _____________________________________________________________________

66. After the presidential electors have voted, to whom do they send the count of their votes? _____________________________________________________________________

67. The power to declare war is vested in ________________________________________.

68. Any power and rights not given to the U.S. or prohibited to the states by the U.S. Constitution are specified as belonging to whom? ______________________________

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