Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone didn't like crowded places. He liked the frontier, and spent most of his life exploring it.

Boone, one of the most famous pioneers in United States history, was born November 2, 1734, in a log cabin in Pennsylvania. He did not have much schooling, but he had plenty of skills as a woodsman and hunter. In 1756, Boone married Rebecca Bryan. She had courage and pioneer skills equal to his.

In 1769, Boone went exploring with a friend, John Findley, and five other men. They followed wilderness trails and passed through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains into Kentucky. There they found an untouched paradise. The native Americans called it Kentucky.

Boone, along with other woodsmen, cleared a trail from the Carolinas west to Kentucky. Over this Wilderness Road, the Boone family and many other pioneers moved west.

Boone had plenty of run-ins with the Indians. In 1776, Shawnee warriors kidnapped his daughter and two other girls, and he had to rescue them. In 1778, the Shawnee captured him. What do you think happened then? He won the Indians' admiration with his skill as a hunter and woodsman, and they adopted him into their tribe as a son of their chief.

In 1799, Boone took his family and led hundreds of settlers farther west to Missouri. He continued to hunt and explore the west until his death in 1820.

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