Freedom: A History of US.
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Webisode 1: Independence
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Abigail Adams
Segment 9
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When he finished, a voice rang out, "God save the American States." Abigail Adams See It Now - Abigail Adams was among the crowd and described the scene: Hear It Now - Abigail Adams "The bells rang ... the cannon were discharged ... and every face appeared joyful.... After dinner the King's Arms were taken down from the State House and every vestige of him ... burnt.... Thus ends royal authority in this state.... And all the people shall say Amen See It Now - King George Cartoon."

Now there was no turning back.

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Because of Hancock's famous large signature on the Declaration, today people call your signature a "John Hancock"!

Did you know that Freedom is adapted from the award-winning Oxford University Press multi-volume book series, A History of US by Joy Hakim?

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