Freedom: A History of US.
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Freedom: A History of US.

Freedom Stories
Over two hundred years ago, our nation was founded upon the ideal of creating a land where freedom would be available to each and every one of its citizens. This is your opportunity to answer the question, "What does freedom mean to you?"

Read Stories About Freedom Lost and Won
Everyday, citizens across the country experience the advantages and obstacles to American freedom. Click here to read some of these stories. go!

Tell Your Story
Our nation of liberty and justice for all is a work in progress. Please share with us your accounts of freedoms you have won or freedoms you have been denied. go!

My grandfather marched with Dr. King in Alabama. Their lessons of unity, peace, and brotherhood are the true spirit of American freedom.
- Jerome, GA
When we come to America, we have nothing. Now we got Corvette, good house, and two of Blimpie sandwhich shops. Thank USA!!
- Sanjay, TX

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