Freedom: A History of US.
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Freedom: A History of US.

Tools & Activities
These interactive games and quizzes will help you incorporate, test, and expand upon the knowledge you have accumulated through the Webisodes, while "Freedom Stories" and "Get Involved!" provide students, teachers, and families opportunities to share and foster their visions of freedom.

Games -- go!
Two multimedia games, "What Did They Say?" and "Scavenger Hunt Through History," incorporate fun visual and textual elements to provoke a deeper understanding of some of the pioneering figures and groundbreaking events in our nation's history.

Test Your Knowledge -- go!
How did the Revolutionary War start? Who created the Civil Rights movement? Challenge your mastery of U.S. history with these sixteen multiple-choice quizzes based on each of the Webisodes.

Freedom Stories -- go!

The United States has always been a nation of immigrants, built upon the pursuit of freedom. We are a nation of many peoples, each with our own perception of what that freedom means. Here you can share the struggles, triumphs, and lessons that this American quest for liberty has provided you.

Get Involved -- go!
History isn't just found in a book; it's happening all around us every day. Use our History Resource Database to find museums, historical societies, and other opportunities for historical edification in your community. Our tips for engaging in nationwide civic activities can help you get involved in making history... right in your own backyard.

Image Browser
Every picture tells a story. In this case, it is the story of freedom and our nation's struggle to attain it. Amplify your understanding of American history by perusing through hundreds of historical images.
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