Freedom: A History of US.
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Freedom: A History of US.

Now that you've learned about our nation's history, you're ready to delve deeper. Below are just a few suggestions on how you can immerse yourself in history.

How to Get Involved:

Make History

Put these ideas to work! Find a local museum, historical society and records archives at the
History Resource Database.

Local History Society

Want to find out about history near you? Research a local Civil War battle site or find out about archaeological digs in your region? In our History Resource Database we've provided online and offline resources that will help you in exploring your town's or state's history. For each state, we have selected a few key historical resources, including state historical societies. Keep in mind that your town may have its own local historical society that can provide a wealth of information. There are too many to list each one here, so check your phone book for your town or county's historical society.

Teachers, we recommend that you contact any of these organizations in advance of beginning an activity with your students, to find out how each organization can work with you and your students for a fruitful project.

Freedom Stories

Genealogy -- the study or research of ancestry and family history is one of the most popular hobbies in the U.S. today. Thousands of Americans are researching their family histories and, as a result, discovering their ancestors and finding insights to their cultural heritage.

To get started on researching your family history, take a free online course at the PBS ANCESTORS Web site INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH. You'll learn the basic research process, sources of information, and ways to organize information.

Once you've accomplished your research goals, you may choose to write a family history that will be enjoyed by your children and generations to come.

Get started at PBS!

Volunteer at a Local Museaum

Another way to find out about your local history is by volunteering at a nearby museum. One of the most popular ways to volunteer at a museum is to become a docent. A docent guides groups through a museum or gallery and leads discussion on the exhibits. There are many other ways to volunteer at a museum. To find out more about such opportunities, contact your local museum.

Find a local museum at the History Resource Database.

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