Freedom: A History of US.
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Historical Primer

workshop video

Videos designed to help you create an engaging history curriculum for your classroom. Teaching Workshop Video

Sixteen historical primers chronicle the story of American history, from the colonial revolution to the inauguration of George W. Bush. Each primer summarizes the content covered in its corresponding Webisode in addition to including valuable resources and biographies related to the history and individuals presented in that Webisode.

Historical Primers by Webisode

These primers are designed to give teachers insight into the themes and events discussed within the sixteen Webisodes. Use the historical primers, each based on one of FREEDOM: A HISTORY OF US's sixteen Webisodes, to help you find appropriate lesson plans or to design your own history curriculum.

Teaching Guides to the Book Series

FREEDOM: A HISTORY OF US is based on Joy Hakim's critically lauded series of ten textbooks, called A HISTORY OF US. Here are Sample Lessons from the ten Teaching Guides that constitute a curriculum around the Hakim series.

Intro to HOUS Teaching Guide
Book 1 Sample Set - The First Americans
Book 2 Sample Set - Making 13 Colonies
Book 3 Sample Set - From Colonies to Country
Book 4 Sample Set - The New Nation
Book 5 Sample Set - Liberty For All?
Book 6 Sample Set - War Terrible War
Book 7 Sample Set - Reconstruction and Reform
Book 8 Sample Set - Age of Extremes
Book 9 Sample Set - War, Peace and All That Jazz
Book 10 Sample Set - All The People
All Books Sample Set
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