Freedom: A History of US.

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The following activities are designed to help you, family members, and students use the series to look at American history and freedom in a personal context. As you work on the activities, try imaging what freedom meant to the people you are learning about. What does freedom mean to you and your family? What does it mean to your friends and neighbors?

Sixteen historical primers, based on each of FREEDOM: A HISTORY OF US's sixteen Webisodes, include supplementary biographical information about important historical figures, in addition to a list of dozens more relevant resources. go!

This interactive timeline allows teachers to peruse through some of the most significant events in American history and see how they have been incorporated into the sixteen Webisodes. It's also an easy way to link to the specific photos, paintings, biographies, quizzes, and special features you're looking for. go!

From mathematics to physical education, every subject area is incorporated into these unique Teaching Guides developed exclusively by the Talent Development Middle Schools Program at The Johns Hopkins University. For your convenience, search for lesson plans by Webisode or by subject matter. go!

Workshop Video
The Workshop Videos are a great way to get ideas for your classroom, and are designed specifically for teachers who want to incorporate the material from FREEDOM: A HISTORY OF US into their curriculum.go!

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The Teaching Guides featured in this section were developed by the social studies staff of the Talent Development Middle Schools Program at the Center for Social Organization of Schools (CSOS), the Johns Hopkins University. © The Johns Hopkins University, All Rights Reserved.