Freedom: A History of US.
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Freedom: A History of US.
About the Series

"Freedom" is the overarching theme of this sixteen-part series, based on the award winning books by master storyteller Joy Hakim. Freedom is what has drawn to America countless human beings from around the world; it is what generations of men and women have lived and died for; it is, in a profound sense, our nation's highest calling. This is also the story of the chief obstacles to American freedom -- the "unfreedoms" that have littered our national story, and in some cases have called its very integrity into question. But despite all the mistakes and all the tragic setbacks, there is an overarching positive message to this series. This is a history of the United States as the unfolding, inspiring story of human liberties aspired to and won.

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Episode Descriptions
In 1776, the Second Continental Congress -- representing thirteen North American British colonies -- declared its independence from England. In sixteen episodes, follow the story of what happened in the two hundred and twenty-six years since America began its search for freedom. go!

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The Filmmakers
FREEDOM: A HISTORY OF US the television series was created by Kunhardt Productions for PBS and HBO Family channel. go!

From the book that started it all to the individuals who made this very Web site, the people who created FREEDOM: A HISTORY OF US. go!

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