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reedom: A History of US, a children's history of the United States based upon Joy Hakim's award-winning book series, was produced as a television series for PBS and HBO Family Channel. Since its founding in 1987, Kunhardt Productions has been responsible for critically acclaimed historical programming with a reputation for high editorial standards.

The American President, a ten-hour PBS series profiling all forty-one Presidents of the United States, premiered April 9-13, 2000. It was accompanied by a companion volume, written by the Kunhardts, which was published by Riverhead Books in October 1999. Kunhardt Productions produced the four-hour documentary mini-series, Lincoln, which aired on ABC in 1992. A companion book, published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. was written by the Kunhardts and appeared on the best seller list in the fall of 1992. Another Kunhardt book, also published by Knopf, P.T. Barnum: America's Greatest Showman, was published in 1995 and accompanied a three-hour television special for the Discovery Channel.

"Responsible for critically acclaimed historical programming with a reputation for high editorial standards."

A PBS documentary produced for fall 2001, Echoes from the White House, celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Executive Mansion. Radio City Music Hall: The Story Behind the Showplace aired on AMC in December 1999. Mary Lincoln's Insanity File aired on Discovery in 1996. It followed Violence: An American Tradition which aired on HBO in November 1995 and was nominated for two national Emmy awards and an Ace Award. A 90-minute special with the Museum of Television & Radio entitled One on One: Classic Television Interviews aired on CBS in November 1993. Marilyn: The Last Interview, premiered on HBO during the summer of 1992. Bobby Kennedy: In His Own Words aired on HBO in November 1990 and received an Ace Award nomination. It is a sequel to JFK: In His Own Words, an hour-long remembrance of the president for HBO, which won a national Emmy award for outstanding programming. The Perfect Baby, an ABC News/Barbara Walters Special on genetic engineering, aired on the network in July, 1990 and was awarded the National Association of Science Writers Award. A PBS special, The People's Palace, a documentary about the New York Public Library, aired nationally on PBS in early 1992.

Kunhardt Productions, through a joint production agreement with ABC News, has produced more than 130 hours of programming for various cable channels. Moments of Courage, a 13-part series for The Discovery Channel ran in prime time during the spring of 1992. Another series, Justice Files, originated in 1992, also for Discovery. Now in its tenth season, Justice Files has been the highest rated regular series on Discovery since its premiere. A 13-hour series for The Learning Channel entitled Only Human premiered in 1993. Another series entitled The Human Experience premiered on the Learning Channel in 1996 and in 1997. True Heroes, a five hour series, aired on The Learning Channel in 1998.

In addition to producing shows and series, Kunhardt Productions has produced segments for ABC's 20/20, ABC News Specials, Turner Broadcasting, and Disney. The company also produces programs for the videocassette market. An expanded version of Lincoln was produced for Time-Life Video and PBS Video. Life In Camelot was produced as a Time-Life premium. Life Looks Back chronicles memorable events of the past quarter of a century through LIFE photographs. Eldercare, hosted by Hugh Downs, is an hour-long home video that serves as a resource for families and the elderly facing the difficulties of growing old. It was awarded first place in the National Media Awards and a companion book was published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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