Freedom: A History of US.
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Freedom: A History of US.

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The Books

Joy Hakim's A HISTORY OF US is not merely a textbook series. It's a new, award-winning method of presenting American history to upper elementary and middle school students that not only engages, but inspires them to take a genuine interest in the subject.

Hakim, a former teacher, newspaper writer, and editor, learned from her students that history must be engaging and decided to create a series of books that would be, not only informative, but fun. A HISTORY OF US is carefully researched, accurate, and reliable history written in a natural, storytelling style. Leading educational reformers have praised the series for its method of teaching history and critical reading. The Los Angeles Times has called it, "the liveliest, most realistic, most well received American history series ever written for children." And the Johns Hopkins Center for Social Research, The Core Knowledge Foundation, The Galef Institute, and the School Future Foundation have all selected A HISTORY OF US for their American history curricula.

Winner of the 1999's Parent's Choice Award for Reference Books, Joy Hakim's A HISTORY OF US series is published by Oxford University press. There are nine books in the series: THE FIRST AMERICANS; MAKING THIRTEEN COLONIES; FROM COLONIES TO COUNTRY; THE NEW NATION; LIBERTY FOR ALL?; WAR, TERRIBLE WAR; RECONSTRUCTING AMERICA; AN AGE OF EXTREMES; WAR, PEACE AND ALL THAT JAZZ; ALL THE PEOPLE.

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