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Step 3. This step will take students anywhere from one to three class sessions. After students have gathered the necessary information from the Web search, groups should choose the mode of their presentations, sort/classify the information they gathered, divide the work among group members, and begin production. Afford students the opportunity to revisit the assigned Web sites whenever necessary. Allow groups enough time to prepare and practice presentations. Monitor your students' progress and keep them on task.

Step 4. After the first session of Step 3, a student-generated rubric can be developed for evaluating presentations. Guide students as you brainstorm criteria for poor, fair, good and exceptional presentations. When all ideas have been recorded on the board or overhead projector, have students decide which criteria will be used. (The amount of criteria can be decided by teacher or with student input. Limit your class to between three and five criteria.)

Type up the student-generated rubric and pass out to groups in advance of the final presentations. This will afford students the opportunity to fine-tune and polish their work.

NOTE: If your students are not familiar with the process of developing student-generated rubrics, you may want to develop the rubric yourself or be a strong guiding force in the process.

End of Classes 3 and 4

Culminating Activity and Assessment:

In the last session (or two) of this lesson, students will give their presentations. Students should complete the rubric evaluation form for each presentation after it is completed. If any groups use the Web during their presentations, be sure that they include a FOCUS FOR MEDIA INTERACTION for the class. Use the rubric to evaluate presentations.

End of Class 5

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