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What other time periods should be?
Topic Description: I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't mind other periods of history being done like 1900 and Frontier House. Maybe Colonial America or other country's histories.

Subject: Pilgrim House
I think something like a Pilgrim House would be a great project for this series. Surviving a 1621 Massachusetts winter would be a great one! Also, I think a Native American House would be fascinating. Maybe Plains Indians in the mid-1700s.

Subject: Colonial House
I almost agree. I think there should be a colonial house. I mean, what would happen if one of the participants broke a colonial law and had to go into the stocks or the pillory? I think they should make it during the war, and all the men would have to leave for battle. What would happen to the women and children?

Subject: Other time periods
Ancient Greece or 1950's! Both would be great.

Subject: The Immigrant Experience
Not sure how they would do it or where, but it would be fascinating to take a group of people and live through the immigrant experience a la 1910. Most of our own families came over during this time and it is hard to imagine what they went through.

Subject: 1800s fishing vessel
I would love to see what it would be like to have 21st century people endure the hardships of a fishing ship of two centuries ago.



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