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Would you have Gone?
Topic Description: If you had lived in the United States in the late 19th century, would you have gone to live on the frontier?

Subject: Would I have gone??
Not bloody likely! I LOVE the idea of going back in time but I know my own limitations. I could only go back as far as the advent of indoor plumbing and the birth of personal hygiene industry. The shows are great and I applaud the families for giving it a shot.

Subject: can it be done?
This is something that I want to do in my life, live in a cabin, without power or running water, cut wood hunt, every part of it for maybe a year. But is that possible? Let's say I had enough money to buy my own land or I get a loan much like I was buying a house. Is there anyway to do it without lots of money in the bank to back you up? Since you would have time to work since you would be doing so much work to just live yourself.

Subject: Do-able
Sure, you can make your dream happen. It would take a bit of planning. The cost of land out in the middle of nowhere isn't very high. Budget for that as well as the items you plan to purchase rather than produce. Don't forget you will need water. I would think it would be far easier, safer, and more fun if you do it with someone else, not just yourself. And make plans for how to get back to your "normal" life when your year has finished, or earlier if you decide it isn't quite what you had hoped.

Subject: Would I Have gone?
I loved Frontier House! I have to say that realistically, I would like to have been there for just a few hours. I would have never made it for five months.

Subject: Go back to 1883? NO. Go forward to 2083, YES!
I don't know about volunteering to be a frontier homesteader in 1883 but I certainly would jump at the chance to experience what life will be like in 2083! Maybe PBS could produce a program based on what futurists predict life will be like and have families (if they still exist by then) survive that culture shock. Let's see what our dominant modes of travel, producing/preparing food, forms of entertainment, distribution of labor/wealth and societal constructs will be like then. I think that would be more instructive and help us to prepare for lifestyle changes that will no doubt overwhelm human beings then too.

Subject: I DID go!
In 1980 I moved from Los Angeles to a small town in Arkansas. Bought a house on 10 acres, had a pond, cut and split 8 cords of firewood for the winter. Raised and killed a pig each year, hunted deer, squirrel. It was culture shock at first and work keeping my place up was hard, but I would not trade my lifestyle now for LA (or a huge Malibu home) for anything. I taught the kids how to drive on country roads, how to fish and hunt. I think the Clunes had much more in Montana with their small cabin than they do in their $7 million home in Malibu. I would have done this show in a second.

Subject: I did go
I grew up in a 120-year old log cabin in Indiana. The snow blew through between the logs the first year we were there. We learned quickly how to maintain the house. Now that I have kids my husband and I bought a 102-year old brick schoolhouse. No furnace or A/C. We do have electricity and running water (thank God). I love my house. I know that raising our kids this way is good for them, but I do dream sometimes of walk-in closets and a big new bathroom. Still, it's spring in Indiana and I've got the garden going, planning what to put up for the winter. We even have started the next winter woodpile. I love our 'small living' and enjoy the peacefulness. We taught our kids to play poker this past winter, just like my Mom taught me. I know we could survive in frontier house. I think we would even enjoy it.



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