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The Frontier Families Topic Description: The three Frontier House families are in a unique situation. They are living with 1883 technology, and yet -- unlike their homesteading predecessors -- they know what they are missing. They also know that the project in Frontier Valley is limited to six months; their success or failure is likely not a question of life or death. Do you think their familiarity with modern life makes for a more frustrating and challenging experience? Or is life at the Frontier House easier because the families know they will return to their previous lives?

Subject: why we liked Nate so much
Everyone comments on how great Nate and his family was. Why did we like them so much (especially Nate)? They were kind, funny, sensitive and thoughtful. They didn't complain (well, Kristen complained about the cooking, but in a humorous way -- and she didn't bad mouth the neighbors!!) and seemed to view this as a big adventure. If we could all apply these qualities in our lives, perhaps the people who know us would say, "I'd love to have them for neighbors."

Subject: The Clunes family in 1883
I really enjoyed the series and I hope that you do it again. However it is a sad social commentary on the 21st century, when a family will consistently get away with bending the rules and be able to validate it in your own mind as "You do what you gotta do." That's the kind of thing that would alienate your neighbors and possibly also get you shot on the frontier. I do hope this series will be shown to your next set of families on the next series and taught as a "don't let this happen to you" lesson. I would love to have seen the Clunes left out there one more month, so it could be proven to them that they really couldn't have survived with no wood to speak of, even if Mr. Clune sent his wife and three of the four children to the nearest town for the winter. Wheeling and dealing just won't always work in the real world. Good luck on the next project.

Subject: My opinion of the Frontier families!
Hi! First off, I loved the show...the Clunes were wily, the Glenns were tough, the kids were smart and funny and in some cases even heart-warming, and the Brookses ROCKED!!!!! I knew from the beginning that they would be the "survivor" family. Maybe because they are kind of pioneers in their own way. They were young (and young at heart, hooray Rudy!!), they were ingenious and inventive, they laughed where the rest griped, they were sociable, they bit the bullet, worked damned hard, didn't need a reality check, and had a real game plan for the winter. Nate (and his older brother by the way) I thought were drop-dead gorgeous (Way to Go Kristen!! Good luck to you both!) and Rudy was what I would call a real gentleman. It would be nice to have them for neighbors for real I wish we had more Brooks-like people in our 2002 world!

Call me soft but I cried at the end. It was hard to see people leave just like that when they had grown so emotionally attached to the place.

The true meaning of the series was more than who would "survive" the Old West. Each family showed their character when confronting the problems of homesteading. The Brookses were happy, loving, and self-confident. They loved each other and their neighborhood. They would do well in any setting. The Clunes, despite their "creativity," were functioning as a whole. They worked to help each other and were able to grow out of the experience. Seeing how "empty" their life was when they returned to Malibu made me realize that Gordon was giving his family a "successful" lifestyle- but not a successful life. I hope he has the courage to "sell up" and find a better way to live-he and his family deserve it. Bravo to PBS for the great psychological experiment! This show should be seen by every couple planning marriage to teach the true message of family.

Subject: The Brooks Family
The Brooks family is far and away my favorite family on this show. I laughed when I saw the way the new Mrs. Brooks made pancakes! She was able to laugh it off and give the food to the dog. It's obvious this family is not only close to one another but are honest, good hearted people. I wish them all the best. They have made this show something truly enjoyable to watch.



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