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Which Century
Topic Description: If you had the choice, would you rather live in the 19th century or the 21st?

Subject: rough living
One thing that the show did not address was the fact that many people around the world live under conditions similar to, or worse than, those this country had more than a century ago. This program really opened my eyes to how spoiled we truly are. Think about how difficult it must be for billions, that's right BILLIONS, of people around the world to get enough water for basic sanitary purposes. Many must walk miles to simply get water for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and bathing, and that water is untreated and often disease-ridden.

Subject: guns and petticoats
First off I think overall the series is excellent. It was refreshing to see a show of this caliber (a reality show). I agree that the women in their undies are definitely out of place. However, as we can see throughout the show we can see that the conflict of 1883 and 2001 is alive, and I think this is part of the experience. I think that hunting was not allowed as it was not hunting season, and I believe calculating the average game intake and providing that would have been appropriate. I think it is very interesting that illegal activities were allowed in the form of a still moonshine. This is an illegal activity today as well. Hey another thing to think about in our society today. Prohibiting the hunting for food is more important that prohibiting moonshine. Anyway PBS, great job.

Subject: 21st, hands down
I am now 19 years old; in 1883, chances are I wouldn't have made it this far. I could have died of diphtheria or typhoid in childhood. I could have been married at 16 and dead in childbirth at 17. I could have gotten tetanus or consumption. Or I could have starved to death in a log cabin in Montana. I would almost certainly not be in college right now. Women didn't need education in 1883, after all. All they needed to know was how to cook and clean for their men. I probably wouldn't have existed in the first place, now that I think about it: my father is Hispanic, my mother white. Chances are they never would have met; certainly they never could have gotten married. It's not just about wearing corsets and living closer to the earth, guys. I could live without a car or a computer; I'd toss my makeup without hesitation if necessary. But there's much more to the past than that.

Subject: 19th vs. 21st
19th. Definitely. Nothing here truly holds me to this life other than my family. I like this computer, instant information and my car, but none of these are things I would cry at parting with for the chance of living in the greatest time of American history.

Subject: I was born about 100 years off!!
Well I am 15 years old and I am into the Civil War and frontier life. I am not like other 15 year olds. I volunteer at a museum and a hospital here in Ohio. I remember that when I was 7 I would beg my Mom to buy me a big dress like the one in "Gone With the Wind." At our school we do a Civil War reenactment and I was the only girl wearing a corset. (I was part of the Ladies Aid.) I was very comfortable. I could do about any thing. I was the only girl who did not complain and I was decked out in everything! The other girls hated the hoop skirts and the fact that they could not have a hotdog! But I do not know if I could do it all of the time. I think it would probably get old. But one of these days I want to prove that maybe I could do it. So anyway, I love the programs that PBS is doing and hope to some day try out for one of these wonderful things that PBS does. Keep up the good work.



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