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usan Cain
Domestic Skills Consultant

Susan is an expert on domestic life and daily skills in the 19th century. Susan has developed interpretation programs at a number of historical sites around the country. These educational programs include raising period vegetables, cook-stove cooking, preserving seasonal foods, baking yeast breads, and making butter and cheese. She is also an expert on period clothes, and spent three years breaking a team of Jersey steers for farm use.

awhide Johnson
Animal Handler

Rawhide is a specialist in 19th-century Western modes of transportation. He is also a ranch manager, a water conservation developer, and renovates old sheep wagons, carriages, stagecoaches, and other historic vehicles in his spare time. He grew up on an un-electrified ranch in the mountains of Montana during the 1950s, and now lives in Cody, Wyoming.

inda Peavy and Ursula Smith
Chief Historical Consultants

Linda and Ursula are independent scholars who formed a partnership in 1978 and have since produced many books about life on the western frontier during the 19th century. Their books on the frontier include: PIONEER WOMEN (1998), FRONTIER CHILDREN (1999), WOMEN IN WAITING IN THE WESTWARD MOVEMENT (1994), and THE GOLD RUSH WIDOWS OF LITTLE FALLS (1990). Their articles and reviews have appeared in WESTERN HISTORICAL QUARTERLY, SOUTHERN QUARTERLY, PLAINSWOMAN, and MONTANA: THE MAGAZINE OF WESTERN HISTORY.

ernie Weisgerber
Building Consultant

Bernie is a historic preservation specialist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, where he oversees the restoration of historic buildings, often at remote sites, using traditional technologies and materials. He is currently in charge of the Forest Service's Northern Region's Historic Preservation Team, based in Missoula, Montana.



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