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Web and TV Credits

Web Credits

Production Staff
Anthony Chapman, Executive Producer
David McCarthy, Producer
Debbie Kaufman, Associate Producer
Micah Fink, Field Producer
Christopher W. Czajka, Historical Consultant

Design Staff
Sabina Daley, Art Director and Designer
Karen Mattson, Designer
Meiza Fleitas, Production Artist

Technical Staff
Brian Lee, Technical Director
Ben Chappel, Lead Web Developer
Brian Brunius, Technical Consultant
Brian Santalone, Page Builder

Most of the photos and video clips on the Web site were shot by Micah Fink.

TV Credits

Beth Hoppe, Executive Producer
Alex Graham, Executive Producer

Simon Shaw, Series Producer

Lareine Shea, Production Manger
Allison Whitmer, Production Coordinator

Nicolas Roether Brown, Producer/Director Shows 2, 4, 6
Maro Chermayeff, Producer/Director Shows 1, 3, 5

Andrew Ford, Editor Shows 2, 4, 6
Kelly Korzan, Editor Shows 1, 3, 5

Will Edwards, Cinematographer

Kathryn Walker, Narrator

Mark Saben, Associate Producer
Micah Fink, Associate Producer

Edward Bilous, Music

Emily Ann, Researcher
Connie Anderson, Researcher

Jennifer Nelson, Production Assistant
Erin Chapman, Research Assistant

Andey Ford, Series Editor
Kelly Korzan, Series Editor

Karl Swingle, Production Assistant
Robb Webber, Production Assistant

Tara Thomas, Post Production Supervisor
Nikki Goloskov, Post Production Assistant
Hope Traficanti, Post Production Assistant

Christine Schuman, Clothing Designer

Neil Cedar, Sound Editor
Ray Palagy, Sound Editor

Pat Kelleher, Online Editor John Crowley, Colorist

Click 3x, Main Title
Grant Maxwell, Mix
Michael Weingrad, Assistant Editor

Julie Schapiro-Thorman, Project Manager
Jared Lipworth, Coordinating Producer, WNET

Sarah Locke - Location EMT
Tresa Babcock - Location EMT

Edward Bilous, Composer
Kathryn Walker, Narrator

Technical Staff
William Edwards, Camera
Edward L. O'Connor, Sound
Larry Scharf, Sound
Glen Trew, Sound
Christopher Smith, Camera Assistant
Michael Weingrad, Camera Assistant
Nicolas Brown, Additional Cinematography

Clarence Atchison, Safety Consultant
Ruth Schwartz Cowan, Historical Advisor
Christopher W. Czajka, Historical Advisor
Susan Cain, Domestic Life Consultant
Dale Old Horn, Native American Life Consultant
Tim Gordon, Historic Object Consultant
Merritt Ierley, Historical Advisor
Rawhide Johnson, Livestock Consultant
Laurie Kaplan, Family Therapist
Dave Kinsey, Historical Objects Consultant
Johanna Miller Lewis, Historical Advisor
Linda Peavy And Ursula Smith, Chief Historical Consultants
Nancy Rexford, Costume Consultant
Dr. Robert H. Shikes, Medical Consultant
Christine Schuman, Costume Designer
Volney Steel, Historic Medicine Consultant
Dr. Ace Walker, Medical Consultant
Bernie Weisgerber, Construction Consultant
Garry Wunderwald, Locations Consultant
Jack Heaton, Gardening Consultant
William R. Grant, Executive In Charge

A Co-Production of Thirteen/WNET New York and Wall to Wall and in association with Channel 4 Television Corporation and Channel 4 International
Satellite broadcast provided by: Air Digital Media

Special Thanks to:
Air Digital Media
Crazy Mountain Museum
John Ellingsen
Tim Gorden of Attic-Archaeology
Jack Heaton
Lehman's Hardware and Appliances, Inc.
Montana Heritage Commission
Montana Historical Society
The Museum of the Rockies
Ed Semelroth of
Volney Steele
Town of Nevada City
Town of Virginia City
Garry Wunderwald
Caswell Massey Ltd.
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.
Arbuckle Coffee
Cabot Cheese
McIlhenny Tobasco Company
Honey Acres

Funding for FRONTIER HOUSE is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to enhance public understanding of the role of technology in society. Corporate support is made possible by Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. and Georgia-Pacific. Funding is also provided by Public Television Viewers and PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.



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