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Beth Hoppe
Executive Producer for Thirteen/WNET New York

eth Hoppe joined New York's leading public television station in 1998 as director of science programs and in this capacity is seeking to continue Thirteen's tradition of presenting top-quality documentaries to viewers nationwide. She was the executive producer for Thirteen/WNET New York's highly acclaimed THE 1900 HOUSE, which aired in June 2000. Hoppe is also overseeing SECRETS OF THE DEAD, a co-production with Britain's Channel 4. Additional credits at Thirteen include executive producer for SAVAGE SEAS and SAVAGE PLANET, the most recent installments of the popular "Savage" strand, and THE GREAT BALLOON RACE. Hoppe is currently overseeing several major science series in the Thirteen/WNET New York pipeline, including WARSHIP, THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN, and THE FRONTIER HOUSE.

Hoppe's previous career includes working as a series producer at WGBH in Boston, directing THE TEN O'CLOCK NEWS in Boston, and editing the weekly newsmagazine NEW HAMPSHIRE JOURNAL.

Simon Shaw
Series Producer for Thirteen/WNET New York and Wall to Wall Television

imon Shaw began his television career after years of experience in radio production, first as an intern at the BBC in England, to local radio in the Midlands, and then to network radio programming in London. He moved to television production in the 1980s where he produced and directed a wide number of popular leisure shows for the main network. In 1999 he left the BBC to produce THE 1900 HOUSE. Having picked up awards for the series Simon and his team turned their attention to a harder task -- recreating life on the home front for everyday families in World War Two.

This time a family was immersed in the experience of living with food rationing, having to meet civil defense regulations, even to taking part in air raid alerts as the 1940S HOUSE tried to show viewers who hadn't lived through the era just how civilian life was turned upside down in war. The series is currently airing in the UK. Simon is currently heading the filming of THE FRONTIER HOUSE.



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