From a letter James Fergus wrote to his wife Pamelia Dillin Fergus listing the things she should bring to Montana. Reprinted with Fergus' spelling preserved.

3 good covered waggons
9 yoke of good cattle
1 cow
1 tent

600 lbs. flour
300 meat
50 beans
100 rice
2 crackers
300 bacon
200 ham
50 dry beef
50 cheese
50 butter
400 sugar
20 gallons syrup
50 lbs black tea
100 lbs coffee
400 lbs dried apples
100 lbs dried peaches
20 salt
40 dessicated veg. raisens

One suit of good clothes for myself [James Fergus] including hat and boots
1 everyday coat
2 pr. everyday pants
2 good prs. shoes from L.F. same as I brought with me
1 pr. good boots
1 pr. good undershirts
1 pr. good woolen undershirts
2 pr good drawers
2 pr woolen mittens
12 pr good everyday shoes for [Pamelia and her three daughters]
1 pr good boots for each
2 pr boots for Andrew [the Fergus' son]
Shoes for Lillie [the Fergus' youngest daughter]
Stockings for [Pamelia and her three daughters]
Stockings for Andrew
Stockings for Lillie
Woolen shirts for family
Woolen drawers for family
dresses or dress stuffs
clothing or cloth stuff for Andrew
1 good strong sewing machine with an assortment of needles
pepper spices
vinegar to use on the road
cod fish

Your feather beds (packed)
2 Indian Rubber Spreads to lay on the ground nights and to pack your bedding in day
Good blankets, quilts, bed ticks, pillows, etc, etc.

Camp stove
Camp kettles
Tin reflector
Frying pans
Large cook stove for use here
Gold pans
Bread pan
Milk pans
Table Dishes
1/2 dozen good brooms

1 wash tub
1 wash board
2 flatirons
concentrated lye to make soap

1 pr gold scales
candles 1 box
5 gallons kerosene oil
2 lamps with durable chimneys and some extra chimneys
side saddle
5 boxes pistol cartridges for my pistol
1 pr spectacles for myself
some padwilks from house
looking glass
garden seeds
flower seeds
2 half boxes window glass
2 kegs assorted nails
a few papers assorted screws
1 lb. shoe tacks
needles assorted
thread assorted
yarn assorted
Buck skin needles
Pins assorted

2 reams good white letter paper
1 ream fools cap letter paper
1/2 dozen memorandum books
$5 worth stamped envelopes
2 large bottles ink
2 gold pens for girls
box steelpens and holders
school books and slates
form book (plus forms)
reading books
one or two good maps
2 doz lead pencils
extra for use on road

ox shoes and nails
tongue bolts
yoke and chains
waggon grease
spirits of turpentine
whiskey for poisoned cattle and to make vinegar here

My tool chest and tools. The chest may be used as a mess chest on the road
1 shovel to use on the road
1 pick to use on the road
1 hoe
1/2 dozen hand saw files
1 flat file
1 buck saw (not wood)

candle molds
candle wicks
sausage cutter