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Name aine Clune
Age 27
From Massachusetts

Aine Clune, 15, says that she can't wait to go home. "It's been hard," she says, because she been living with her family in a small log cabin, and has to do her chores every day. She's responsible for milking the cows twice a day, and making sure that they have enough water and food. "Eating the same foods, wearing the same clothes, and seeing the same people each day can be tiring," she says, and she's gotten so bored with her life that she is even looking forward to going back to school. One thought that gets her through each day, she says, is her new home in Malibu, and the idea of shopping at the mall for all the things she's missed: new clothes, new movies, huge piles of candy, soda, and hamburgers.

aine Clune
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