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The Web pages below cover a number of themes related to the multifaceted complexities and nuances of oil. Please note that PBS is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Energy Information Agency
This site provides detailed statistics on energy use in various countries around the globe.

Paleontological Research Institution - The World of Oil
This site explains several major aspects of oil development, extraction, and use. Clear descriptions detail the history of oil discovery in the United States, the geological processes involved in oil formation, the various ways in which oil is used today, and more.

Oil Sands Discovery Centre
This Web site serves as an excellent resource for further information regarding the oil sands of Alberta, Canada.

U.S. Energy Information Agency
This Excel spreadsheet provides a numerical breakdown of the quantity of oil supplied by oil producing countries around the world.

NOW With Bill Moyers - Politics and Economy
This piece from PBS show NOW WITH BILL MOYERS investigates how much money is spent by the oil industry to persuade politicians, political parties, and lobbyists to support the industry's interests.

NationalGeographic.com - Cheap-Oil Era Is Far From Over, Analyst Says
In response to the June 2004 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC cover story, "The End of Cheap Oil," this article suggests that the world's oil reserves are far from spent. The diversity of opinions attests to the difficulty in providing oil-resource estimates.

How Stuff Works - How Oil Drilling Works
How Stuff Works breaks down the information it provides about oil into five major categories: introduction to how oil drilling works, oil exploration, preparing to drill, drilling, and extracting the oil.

International Oil Transportation
This article was written by Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue of Hofstra University. The article focuses the history of political and economic power surrounding the control of global oil supplies.

Hubbert Peak of Oil Production
This Web site provides data, analysis, and recommendations for consumers regarding the upcoming peak in the rate of global oil extraction.

THE GUARDIAN - How Did Shell Get Its Oil Estimates So Wrong?
This article helps explain the intricacies and complexities of locating oil reserves.

National Ocean Industries Association
This site provides numerous resources for many types of information related to drilling for oil offshore.

Forbes.com - The Other Gulf
It has been suggested that one of the solutions to dependence on Middle Eastern oil is tapping into what may be substantial resources in West Africa -- an area afflicted by political tensions nearly as extreme as those that plague the Gulf region. This article discusses the ramifications of pursuing this solution.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA provides useful information about the production and use of gasoline.

FRONTLINE/WORLD: Colombia - The Pipeline War
In this report,FRONTLINE explores three major aspects of the conflict surrounding Colombia's partially U.S.-owned oil pipeline: who's who in the pipeline war, who are the civilians caught in the crossfire of the issue, and what is the U.S. corporate interest in Colombian oil.

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