Extreme Oil
Photo of BTC Pipeline
This series premiered in September, 2004 on PBS (Check local listings for repeat broadcasts)
The Journey The History The Science

Follow four barrels of oil as they travel from the ground to the gas pump.
Photo of tanker

Learn about key events in science, politics, and the environment over time.
Photo of old oil rigs

Explore the technology -- past, present, and future -- behind oil extraction.
Photo of oil derrick
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Fifteen years after the end of the Cold War and in the wake of two wars in the Gulf and Iraq, all the world's easy oil has been found. Today, the oil industry has to go to extremes to find new sources of the asset that drives the world's economy and fuels so many aspects of modern life. EXTREME OIL crisscrosses the globe like the transcontinental pipelines themselves, exposing a wide range of issues -- and meeting people who wrestle with the dilemmas of how to ensure the supply we need, at a price we will tolerate.

Online Chat iconRead the online chat with Steven Segaller, the Executive Producer of EXTREME OIL. Segaller is Director of News and Public Affairs Programming at Thirteen/WNET New York.

Produced by: Thirteen/WNET Funded by: CPB
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