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Nuestra Familia
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The award-winning documentary "Nuestra Familia, Our Family" goes inside one of California's most powerful Latino prison gangs. Through exclusive interviews with gang members, law enforcement officials and community members, as well as undercover FBI surveillance footage of the gang in action, the film reveals the gang's devastating effect on families -- and the controversial war to stop its spread.

In this clip, Nuestra Familia (NF) gang members -- and the police who track them -- give details about the history of the gang and its military structure, from both inside and outside the prison walls. They also describe the longstanding rivalry between the NF and the Mexican Mafia gang (known as "la Eme"), the first Mexican prison gang to rise up within California penal system. Both Eme and NF leaders serve their time in a special Security Housing Unit (SHU) inside Pelican Bay State Prison, California's most secure and isolated facility. Still, gang leaders are able to operate with impunity and often direct criminal activity out on the streets from their prison cells. The clip features former Nuestra Familia Lieutenant Epi Cortina who is serving a life sentence at Pelican Bay State prison; former Nuestra Familia associate Willie Stokes-Ramirez, who began his involvement with the gang while serving time at Pelican Bay; and former Santa Rosa police officer George Collord, who helped to form the Northern CA Nuestra Familia Gang Task Force with the FBI. (6 minutes)

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