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Casing Chemical Joints

Here is a beach manufacturer with its doors wide open, which allowed me to go in and take a stroll.
Houston doesn't really have zoning laws, so it's quite natural to stroll down a suburban street or dense city neighborhood and find a chemical plant using potentially disastrous amounts of poisons or explosives. Here is a bleach manufacturer with its doors wide open, which allowed me to go in and take a stroll. It should be noted that I didn't really need to do that because there was a full rail car of chlorine just outside the facility, waiting to go in. I'm happy to report that Clorox, KIK and other bleach manufacturers now have some of the best industrial security in the Western world. KIK recently announced that it's switching its manufacturing process so that it doesn't use the highly deadly chlorine gas, a costlier upgrade but one that won't expose the company's factories to either terrorist attacks or industrial accidents that could put neighbors at risk. I've found that KIK and Clorox, no matter in which direction they've gone on the question of security, have been very active in securing their chemicals from intruders. Would I live next to a KIK plant today? Yeah.

photo by Carl Prine
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