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As Likely As Not

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009:

Tens of thousands of nuclear workers are seriously ill or dying from their exposure to radioactive and hazardous materials -- and they are not being compensated for their illnesses despite promises from the federal government.   Investigative reporter Laura Frank of Denver's Rocky Mountain News spent more than ten years following the plight of these workers, and has revealed: a U.S. Department of Labor program with a "no pay list" outlining illnesses to be denied compensation despite the government's own studies linking exposure to illness; that "one in 17 sick workers or survivors with valid claims - more than 1,200 people nationwide - died before they received their benefits"; and despite the frustration of the workers themselves, top labor department officials directing the program have collected tens of thousands of dollars each in bonus money.

Read the original "Deadly Denial" series and updates from the Rocky Mountain News. Hear more from journalist Laura Frank and photographer Javier Manzano about what it was like to cover this story. Learn what happened to the "no pay" list, see what kind of impact Charlie's story is having on Capitol Hill, and find out about the fate of the Rocky.

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Excellent program. Please do a followup on Laura Frank's features on Oak Ridge when she was with the Tennessean.

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