New Study Raises More Questions About BPA

â?¢    A new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives finds that bisphenol A stays in the body much longer than previously thought.  Researchers from the University of Rochester in New York say that people may be exposed to BPA from sources other than food. Read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's reporting on the study and the study itself.

State Legislatures Propose Their Own Bans

â?¢    Last year 13 states, including California, proposed bans on BPA; none were successful.  So far in 2009, lawmakers in Minnesota, Washington, Connecticut and the city of Suffolk, New York, have called for bans of bisphenol A in baby bottles and other products intended for children age 3 and younger. Industry sources are watching developments closely.

Of Note Around the Web

â?¢    In its February 2009 issue, Business pub Fast Company does its own analysis of the battle over BPA, comparing the chemical industry's attempts to avoid regulation to Big Tobacco tactics. It also provides a guide to "decode the potential obfuscation" in scientific arguments deployed in the debate.

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