Mississippi Chicken is a documentary about the lives of Latin American immigrants who live in the shadow of a poultry plant in rural Mississippi. Like the Carolinas workers from The Charlotte Observer's series, these immigrants, most of them undocumented, are in a vulnerable position - subject to injuries in the workplace and wary of speaking out. In this excerpt, workers' rights advocate Anita Grabowski talks about how Latin American immigrants came to work in the area's poultry plants, and one worker tells the story of how she was injured.
(3 1/2 minutes)
Directed by John Fiege. √?¬©2007 John Fiege

About the Film
Mississippi Chicken (82 min., documentary) was shot almost entirely on Super 8mm, giving it a unique look. The film has been screened at numerous festivals and events including the HBO New York International Latino Festival, the Oxford Film Festival (Oxford, Mississippi), the Miami International Film Festival, and the 2007 F√?¬≥rum Universal de las Culturas Monterrey (UNESCO). It was nominated for IFP's Gotham Award for "Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You."

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