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Friday, April 4, 2008: The Peabody Award committee has come out with its selections, proclaiming 2007 "a strong year for local television news." Among the programs recognized, "Security Risks at Sky Harbor," from KNXV-TV in Phoenix. Using inside sources and undercover stakeouts, the investigation revealed lax overnight security at the city's main airport. In October 2007, the KNXV-TV investigation was featured in the Exposé episode, "Security Theater" - a program devoted to local television news reporting that revealed shocking security lapses at airports across the country. Watch the original episode of Exposé to follow the investigative teams at KNXV in Phoenix, KUSA in Denver, and KHOU in Houston as they reveal different aspects of a troubling airport security story. You can also watch the original Peabody Award-winning coverage from KNXV on our site.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008: In mid-March, as both houses of Congress discussed budget proposals, tough talk on earmarks ruled. Both parties, President Bush and the major presidential candidates vied for bragging rights in the fight against earmarks. Many supported a one-year moratorium on lawmakers steering money to pet projects. But when the dust cleared, there were no provisions against earmarks in the budget resolutions. Some in Congress still defend earmarks as a legitimate and even necessary exercise of Congressional oversight of government spending. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) is not one of them. Watch this exclusive interview with Senator Coburn. Then join the discussion to make your case.

Coming Soon: A new episode of Exposé

After interviewing hundreds of sources, poring over thousands of documents and a database of 217 million payment records, The Washington Post proves that the multibillion-dollar system of federal agricultural subsidies is riddled with waste and abuse.


Friday, March 7, 2008: Introducing The Exposé Sessions: Streaming audio interviews with some of America's top journalists. In the premiere session, Exposé executive producer Tom Casciato interviews Seattle Times executive editor David Boardman about what makes an investigative reporter, taking on the sacred cows of the Pacific Northwest, and the future of the newspaper business.

And just added on the Moyers Blog: Responses to "Ask the Reporter and Producer." Seattle Times reporter David Heath answers your questions about earmarks. And Exposé producer Marc Shaffer talks about filming "Mr. Heath Goes to Washington."


Thursday, February 21, 2008: Welcome to a new season of Exposé: America's Investigative Reports, the documentary series that spotlights some of the most important investigative journalism in America. Each month a new show will premiere on this site and air on PBS's Bill Moyers Journal.

In our season premiere, Seattle Times reporters take a close look at pork barrel politics. On our new site, you can watch the program. Or read the paper's original reporting and find out about the $4.65 million, 85-foot boat Congress ordered the Coast Guard to buy - but which the Coast Guard said it couldn't use. Or maybe you want to look up the defense bill earmarks your own representative has sponsored, or browse earmark recipients - the individuals, companies, and institutions who get the federal dollars. They're searchable by state and name in The Seattle Times' database. You can also get the story behind the story from investigative reporter David Heath. And if you're new to the earmarking concept, let Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists give you the 411 on this "insiders'game." And if you've got a question or a comment for our producer or the Seattle Times reporter, click over to the Blog on the Bill Moyers Journal website and fire away. Then there's our resources page where you can check out what others are saying around the internet about earmarks, campaign finance, defense spending, and ethics in Congress.

Last but not least, if you want to see some compelling stories of investigative journalists and their work, chose from the menu of Exposé episodes in our Video Library. May we suggest our Emmy® Award-winning episode "Blame Somebody Else"?

Want more? Check back here each week between documentary premieres for additional features. In the works: a web-exclusive video interview with Senator Tom Coburn, who calls earmarks "the gateway drug for overspending," and executive producer Tom Casciato's audio interview with Seattle Times executive editor David Boardman.

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