Srebrenica: A Cry from the Grave
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About the Program
   Learn more about of the documentary film.

   An Introduction to the Film
   Filmmaker's Biographies
   Film Credits

Eyewitness Accounts
   Learn more about these six witnesses to the Srebrenica massacre.

   Hasan Nuhanovic
   Saliha Osmanovic
   Kadir Habivovic
   Zumra Shekhomerovic
   Wim Dijkema
   Paul Groenwegen

The Massacre
   Explore the sequence of events leading up to and surrounding the Srebrenica massacre with our timeline.

The Aftermath
   Explore these four topics, and learn more about the issues raised in the film.

   Long Memories
   What Went Wrong?
   The Slow Process of Justice
   The Search for Peace

Lesson Plans
   Original lesson plans based on the issues explored in SREBRENICA: A CRY FROM THE GRAVE.

   Lesson 1: Power to the Peopler
   Lesson 2: The Heart of the Matter


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Thirteen About Eyewitness Massacre Aftermath
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