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Remember: Whenever you see a quill, you'll want to record that information.
Step 8. Native and European Interaction in Your Area

At some point, interaction began between the Indians and Europeans who were coming in to your area. At times, these relationships were peaceful, and the Indians and Europeans depended on each other for trade and commerce. However, at other times and other places, this interaction resulted in bloody and violent conflicts.

Quill iconChallenge 1.
Determine the date (or an approximate date) when Indian-European interaction began in your area.

Quill iconChallenge 2.
Determine if the relationship between the Indians and Europeans was peaceful or violent. How did contact impact the Indians?

Quill iconChallenge 3.
How did the relationship between the Indians and Europeans change over time?

When you have completed your historical detective work, proceed to Step 9.


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