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Remember: Whenever you see a quill, you'll want to record that information.
Step 3. Your City or Town 100 Years Ago

Your town or city probably looked very different 100 years ago. Some towns and cities may not have existed in 1904. Do some historical detective work to determine what life was like in your town 100 years ago.

Quill iconChallenge 1.
Can you find houses or other buildings in your town or city that were there 100 years ago? Are there many, or only a few? How old is the oldest building still standing in your town or city?

Quill iconChallenge 2.
Interview an older friend, neighbor, or relative about your town. How has it changed during this person's lifetime?

Quill iconChallenge 3.
Can you find any old photographs, postcards, or paintings of life in your town 100 years ago? What do they show? Are the buildings still in existence?

You may wish to consult other Web sites, including the US GenWeb project States page at to discover information on the history of your city or town. Also, try checking with your local historical society or museum ... either online or in person.

Once you have completed these challenges, proceed to Step 4.


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