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Remember: Whenever you see a quill, you'll want to record that information.
Step 2. State History

Our nation is currently divided into fifty states. Some of these states began as European colonies. Others began with military outposts. Some began the journey to statehood with religious missions. When the earliest colonists arrived, there were no individual states. As a matter of fact, in the 1620s, the land known as "Virginia" stretched from modern-day Virginia all the way to the coast of Maine!

Quill iconChallenge 1.
Investigate the name of your state. Some states were named for Indian tribes, place names, or words. Others were named for English monarchs or Spanish phrases. What is the basis of your state's name, and who named it?

Quill iconChallenge 2.
When did your state become part of the United States? Write down the year that your state gained statehood.

Quill iconChallenge 3.
What are some important events that happened in your state? When did they occur? Who are some famous people that were born in your state, and when were they born?

You may wish to investigate other Web sites, such as, for help with this research.

Once you have completed this historical detective work, proceed to Step 3.


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