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Remember: Whenever you see a quill, you'll want to record that information.
Step 10. The New World

Congratulations! You have safely guided the ship of colonists across the Atlantic to the New World, and completed a sizable amount of historical detective work along the way.

You should now know:

What life was like in your area of the country in 1628;
Who the native people were in your area of the country;
When the first Europeans arrived in your area, and why they came;
What the interaction was like between Indians and Europeans in your area;
When the area your city or town is in became part of the United States;
The derivation of your state's name;
How life has changed in your city or town over the past 200 years;
How your family and your life fit in to the history of your city or town.

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Now that you've got all of this information, construct a timeline that begins in 1628 and ends in 2004. What information from your detective work can you include on the timeline?

Share your voyage of discovery with your family and friends. And send your completed timelines to COLONIAL HOUSE by emailing us at

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