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Michelle Amy-Kristina Dominic Julia Giacomo Maddison Don Jonathon
Michelle Amy-Kristina Dominic Julia Giacomo Maddison Don Jonathon
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Toilings and moilings

In days of yore, were I a lass, 'twould have been too too trying. I would have been cumbered by so many more duties than I have had hitherto. I would have been enjoined to perform any thing that wants doing at home with my family, but were I a very lass in 1628, I would needs be making a match, mayhap establishing a household, rearing babes of my own, and I feel as yet all unready! So I doubt but that I would be meet for such a life, in especial here, for why every thing requires such long toil. I have only now conned the respect that is due unto my lord and lady cause of the sample of swink and toil they provide. I doubt but that were I of their years, I could have undertaken such a task. I behold the travails of my dame each day, and some days when she tends to the goating and I must see to the victuals for the day 'tis such ... 'tis so hard to undertake this, and do that, and cover the table, and cook the meal. And all 'tis for one sole meal. And I espy her daily toilings and moilings, and I learn to value her worth and I wish to add my labors unto hers. And methinks that I am a help meet unto the Colony, and I hope that I mote continue to be a help meet.

Who Said it?
Michelle Amy-Kristina Dominic Julia Giacomo Maddison Don Jonathon

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