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Photo of two colonists Want to bring 1628 into your classroom?

In this section you will find a variety of resources for bringing Colonial America to life in your classroom.

In Lesson Plans, you will find a series of media-rich lessons designed for immediate use with students. The lesson plans -- which adhere to national learning standards -- contain comprehensive instructions for classroom implementation, downloadable student handouts, and suggestions for cross-curricular extensions. In Activities, you will find a series of dynamic online activities that engage students in exploring and understanding colonial life in the 1620s.   NOTE TO EDUCATORS
Lesson Plans

Paper icon Myth-Conceptions
Grade Level: 5-8
Students will utilize the COLONIAL HOUSE "Myth-Conceptions" quiz and complete research on a variety of other Web sites to clarify misconceptions about early colonial life and history. Enter

Paper icon Everything Was Up to Date in 1628
Grade Level: 5-8
Students will become historical detectives and investigate artifacts of colonial life online, before beginning in-depth research about the history of their own community. Enter

Paper icon Fearless and Faithful
Grade Level: 5-8
Students will examine the hardships faced by 17th-century New England colonists, focusing particularly on the difficulties presented by the Atlantic crossing. Enter

Paper icon "Pray, Why Speakest Thou in Such Addled Tones?"
Grade Level: 5-8
Students will examine how popular language and slang have changed over the course of American history. Enter

Note: These lesson plans may be utilized pre- or post-viewing of COLONIAL HOUSE, or in generalized units on the early colonization of America. While the lessons are targeted to students in the middle grades, feel free to adapt them to meet your students' needs and your curricular goals.


Paper icon 'Tis a Very Dirty Manner of Life
Watch video diaries of the colonists, and then help translate their 21st-century words into 17th-century English. Don't worry if you're not a language expert -- our glossary will come to the rescue. Enter

Paper icon Pilgrim's Progress
Grab your quill and a piece of parchment! Guide a shipful of colonists safely across the sea by completing research and constructing a timeline of life in your own area from 1628 to the present. Enter

Paper icon Cottage Quest
The colonists have thrown open the doors to their wattle and daub cottages, and you're invited on a scavenger hunt in the year 1628! Enter

Paper icon Myth-Conceptions Quiz
How much do you really know about life in the early European colonies? Did the Pilgrims wear buckles on their hats? Did Pocahontas fall in love with John Smith? Did everyone come to the New World for religious freedom? Take this quiz and find out. Enter

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