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No man or woman shall dare to violate or break the Sabbath by any work or travel, but shall duly sanctify and observe it with his family by preparing themselves at home with private prayer according to the commandments of God. Also, every man, woman and child shall repair in the morning, to the devotional meetings held upon the Sabbath day.

Devotional Meetings
Until the year when a church is constructed, all Colonists shall gather to observe the Sabbath at the residence of the Governor, and shall take part in devotional meetings led by the religious leader recruited by the Company.

Sabbath and Sports
While all Colonists must observe the Sabbath, they should also take note of the King James Declaration of Sports:

After the end of devotional meetings our good people may engage in harmless recreation. There shall be an allowance for May-games, Whitsun-ales, and Morris dances and the setting up of Maypoles and other such sports.

Still prohibited are all unlawful games upon Sundays:
- Cockfights
- Bull- and bear-baiting
- Bowling

Also prohibited on the Sabbath day is unseemly behavior such as gambling or drinking during worship.

Punishments include fines or public reprimand.

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