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The Rules
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For the Ordering of Society
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The Punishments

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Abusing Officials
There will be no reviling or dishonorable behavior toward the Governor and his Officials.

Punished by banishment, until fault was acknowledged and reformation professed.

There will be no Rebellion, Sedition, or Insurrection, by taking up arms against the present Government established in the Colony.

Punished by death.

Every colonist shall take their due pains, and not loiter, or idly misspend the time appointed for work for the Company. The Governor shall not allow any of his Company to be negligent, and idle, or depart from his work.

Punishments included: for the first offense, the head tied to the feet for an entire night; and whipping for the second offense.

Fowling, Fishing and Hunting
Fowling, fishing and hunting shall be free to all men.

Whoever kills a wolf or other such dangerous beast and brings proof to the Governor shall receive four bushels of corn, or something of like value from the common store, as determined by the Governor.

Building Dwellings
No one shall be allowed to be householders and build any dwellings unless decreed by the Governor.

Punished by having the dwelling pulled down.

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