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1980s Slang

As If!: I'd rather not!

Awesome: something extremely good. ›

Bad: good.

Barney: ›an unattractive male.

Bodacious: beautiful.

Bogus: not good.

Bonus: used to denote satisfaction or one's approval.

Boss: very cool.

Bow-Head: another name for preppie-usually a silly girl who wore a big bow in her hair.

Brody: police officer.

Take a Chill Pill: take it easy, calm down. ›

Chillin': to be resting.

Cool Beans: cool, awesome, agreeable.

Deck: to beat someone up.

Def: ›something very hip.

Don't Have a Cow: remain calm, don't get excited.

Dudical: used to describe a place or thing as cool as someone dubbed a "dude."

Dweeb: someone who is not cool.

Fer Sure: definitely.

Fresh: very new, used in reference to music.

Gag Me With a Spoon: disgusting.

Generic: of poor quality; poorly planned or executed.

Gnarly: ›exceptional.

Grody: disgusting.

Gross Me Out the Door: very disgusting.

Make Me Barf: a way to signal disgust with a situation.

McFly: someone has just done something very stupid.

Nice Play, Shakespeare: that was a really stupid action.

Preppie: a person who dressed in upscale clothing and acted snobbish towards people not in the same social standings.

Radical: something extremely hip, almost awesome. ›

Stoked: very excited.

Val: short for Valley Girl.

Wicked: excellent or great.

Yuppie: a person who is a white collar worker who has possessions of an expensive nature and flaunts them.

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