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Colonial House

1970s Slang

A.F.A.: instead of signing letters or yearbooks with "sincerely" or "love," kids in the 1970s sometimes signed with "A.F.A.," which stands for "A Friend Always."

Boss!: cool; awesome.

Bread: money.

Check ya later: see you later.

Dy-no-mite!: great. Made popular by the TV series Good Times.

Far out, man!: Thatís really cool!

Foxy: good looking.

Gravy: sweet,cool,excellent.

Groovy: cool.

I Hear That: I accept your decision.

Jinkies!: sign of surprise, "Oh my gosh!" "Oh dear!"

Jive Turkey: a detestable person.

Later: see you later.

Let's book: let's leave this place.

Mellow out: chill out or calm down.

Outta Sight: far-out. Very cool or good.

Psychedelic: awesome.

See ya on the flipside: see ya later.

Slide: to give.

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