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1960s Slang

A gas: a lot of fun.

Bogart: To "hog" something.

Bone Yard: auto wrecking yard.

Bookin': going real fast, usually in a car.

Cat: a guy.

Choice: really cool.

Chop: to cut down verbally.

Chrome Dome: a bald guy.

Church Key: before poptops, a soda can was opened with one of these.

Cool Head: nice guy.

Copasetic: very good; all right, as in "no problem."

Crash: go to bed; go to sleep.

Cut out: to leave without ceremony.

Daddy's Car: a car that was very conservative looking; that might be owned by your parents.

Dig: do you understand?

A Drag: someone or something that's boring.

Dude: in the 60s, a dude was a geek.

Far out: excellent, cool.

Fink: a tattletale.

Flower child: a hippie.

Fuzz: the police.

Gimme some skin: shake hands.

Going Steady: if you were "going steady," you were dating only one special person.

Gone: cool, groovy, neat, neato.

Groovy: nice, "cool" or neat. Used commonly among hippies in the 60's.

Gutt Waddin': any type of cheap fast food, to fill you up and take the hunger away.

Heavy: deep, cool, sad.

Jam: to leave the area.

Jazzed: elated, excited

Lip Flappin': talking about things of little importance.

Nifty: cool.

Old Lady: your Mother.

Old Man: your Father.

Paper Shaker: cheerleader.

Peepers: eyeglasses.

Rags: clothes.

Sad: an expression of disapproval.

Scratch: money.

Skirt: girl.

Sosh: meaning a person who is stuck-up, snooty, and thinks they are better than everyone else.

Square: someone who was not "cool."

Teach: a teacher.

Think Fast: it usually was used to tell you to get ready because someone was tossing you something.

Tooling: to cruise or drive around without aim.

What's Your Bag, Man?: What's your problem?

Woody Wagon: a wood sided station wagon used to transport surfboards and surfers to and from the beach.

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